Training Classes

Good Dog U is now in West Halifax, VT and offers workshops and other services in the area. Please visit us at 





Good Dog "U", LLC is a privately owned training and education business dedicated to promoting mutually rewarding relationships between dogs and their owners.
We use modern, force-free motivational training methods that are both fun and effective. Our goal is to help dogs
and owners develop a deep and lasting partnership based
on understanding, effective communication, caring and trust.

Early problem prevention is our specialty, and we take  special delight in helping expectant puppy owners select, prepare for and welcome the new  puppies into their homes.

Please contact us if you would like recommendations for area trainers.  For a wide selection of training classes, including basic manners, competition obedience, agility and more, please visit to see Port Chester Obedience Training Club’s current offerings.  For local classes in Stamford, please check out Bandilane Canine Center’s offerings at

Heartfelt thanks to all our loyal clients in Fairfield and Westchester Counties
over many years.  We will miss you and wish you all the best!

Trick training is fun and useful!Click here to see how-to videos by Mary on YouTube. Our current trick is, Take a Bow!”


"Positive Training" has become a catch-phrase for just about any training in which treats are used. This can include correction-based methods in which rewards are simply add-ons to an otherwise highly punitive approach. Although we do not oppose correcting undesired behavior on occasion, we prefer a balanced, relationship-based training approach that teaches dogs the behaviors we desire and sets them, and their owners, up to succeed.